Keepers of the Promise

Keepers of the Promise

There have been a few exceptional promises that have been launched in the history of this Universe. Fourteen billion years ago, there was a Big Bang with the promise by a loving Creator of a continuum of evolution leading to the current day physical world. And, just 232 years ago, a new nation was launched with the promises by its creators that have lead to what is today’s United States of America.

These events and the promises that are inherent in both creations  have been and are a vital part of who we the people are; how we have arrived at our time and place;  and how we are to move ahead honoring the path and spirit of these promises.

It is the mission and purpose of the Promise America Alliance to hold up the promise made by the founders of this nation when they created the Constitution that is the law and spirit of this land and to use its tenets as set forth in the Preamble as the basis for the discussions needed to heal the national divide. As the linchpin of this effort, we are working with allies and Alliance members to move ahead with the creation of a Key National Indicator to go beyond GDP and both focus attention and measure how those entrusted by We the People are carrying out the trust placed in them.

With twenty one months still to go, the trumpets are sounding, and those wanting to enter the joust for the title of champion that will then enable them to engage in the final complex battle to secure the vote of at least 270 members of what is known as the Electoral College are –as the colloquialism goes: “throwing their hats into the ring.”

Perhaps a better metaphor would be that of a river that one dips her or his toe into and then when the water seems right, then launches their particular vessel to navigate past all the shoals and whirlpools; the docks and ports that lead to the captain’s chair on the ship they want to sail to the port called the Presidency.

It is our hope that the candidates and their supporters and– more importantly– those who will chose their representatives will understand what the source of the river is that has its beginnings in what was unleashed by the Founders. The promises that filled  that river and lifted those on its shores to unprecedented heights as spelled out in the Preamble can carry this nation and those whose shores where these waters touch to a future that conjoins the light created by these two great promises.

Arthur Rashap