Truth or Dare?

These are interesting times when apparently the only obligation one of our elected or appointed leaders has to tell the truth is when he or she is sworn by an appropriae authority to tell the truth. An that seemingly is just an invitation to hem and haw and offuscate. Otherwise, our model of behavior is that “anything goes” as the song goes. Such a great  has for how “we the people” should be acting, and what a legacy to give and leave to our kids, grandchildren, and the billions who follow the leadership of this once great nation.

“Facts” are no longer facts but rather become the basis of fiction to be aired by what used to be trusted media. History is now placed into the world of fiction also. The truth has become a tribal story locked into the silos of self-interested identifications where the crops of truth and facts that grow from the fields of our democracy are spoiled and provide dangerous foder for those who consume them.